Where we are

Our property is located on the hill called “Cappuccini” in a dominant position over the village of Sarteano, a private car is highly recommended for stay in our hotel, the center of the village of Sarteano is 2 km away, can also be reached by foot but the return is uphill and tiring,

The A1 motorway exit of Chiusi Chianciano Terme is 6 km from the village of Sarteano. At the village of Sarteano you must cross it completely maintaining the road towards Chianciano Terme. On leaving the village and after a curve to the right at the hotel “La Lanterna” you must leave the main road turning left. After the turn at the first intersection you have to keep to the right continuing along the flat street (Via Monte Bianco), after about 500 meters the second turning on the left is Via Dei Mari. Once on the Via Dei Mari you have to drive for about 700 meters uphill and the hotel is situated at the end of the street. Coming from Chianciano Terme Hotel “The Lanterna” will be at  the beginning of the village and you have to turn right, in both cases you have to pay  attention to the fact that many navigation systems still signal the beginning of Via Dei Mari directly from the main road, unfortunately the initial part of Via Dei Mari has been abandoned for many years and the road is in very poor condition. If the instructions will lead to the beginning of the old Via Dei Mari (almost opposite the hotel “Al Parco”) you must ignore them and go back for 300 meters towards the center of Sarteano and turn at the Via Monte Bianco.

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